Information for Therapists

If you are a therapist using Dr. Reid Wilson's rapid-gain cognitive behavioral model to treat anxiety and OCD, Anxiety Challenger will help your clients to:

  • Apply the skills that you teach them
  • Keep you informed of their progress between sessions
  • Stay engaged in therapy

Anxiety Challenger will track your clients' exposure practices: what they did, when they did it, the number of points they scored, and the self-talk statements they used. Your clients can also use the app to email you a report with all this information, and the app can remind them each week to send their report so that you stay informed. How does it all work? First, clients can schedule exposures (which we call "Challenges") by indicating what they plan to do to face their fears, when they intend to do so, and the self-talk they will use to handle anxiety. These self-talk messages include motivating statements, instructional statements, and cunning messages, as discussed in Dr. Wilson's self-help book, Stopping the Noise in Your Head. Clients can choose each type of message from a list of examples, or create their own. Next, when the client starts on a scheduled exposure, or when they find themselves spontaneously bothered by anxiety or OCD, they can use the app like a tally counter to track their points earned during each session. The app will give them positive feedback each time they earn a point, and remind them of their self-talk messages.

Anxiety Challenger also has features to keep your clients motivated between sessions. Your client can create a reward system by choosing the rewards they will give themselves when they have reached a certain number of points. Once they earn enough points to get a reward, the app will congratulate them. Clients can also see their points increase over time on a graph, and as they earn more points the app will reinforce them by advancing them to the next level. Finally, Anxiety Challenger can send periodic tips to keep your client engaged, as well as remind your client to keep doing exposures if they haven't earned points in several days.

Anxiety Challenger is currently available for Android phones. While the app requires your client to use an Android phone, it's not necessary for you to have an Android. If your client uses the report function, their progress report comes directly into your email.

If you or your client would like to see the app in action, please watch our Demo.

If you have not been given a referral code, and are interested in using this app with your clients and you do not have a referral code, please email Dr. Wilson for the guidelines.